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You wake up a Monster. Now what?

Looking into the mirror, you don't quite get what you're looking at, but one thing is for sure: You've changed.

You are no longer the same person you were yesterday and everyone knows this.  Are you even still human? How does one cope with something like this?

Made for Spooktober 2023

Based on Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis"

Game Details:

  • 10k+ words
  • 5 Endings
  • Way too many images

Content Warnings:

Contents of this game include things that people might find upsetting or disturbing. Viewer discretion is highly advised. Please take these warnings seriously.

  • Insect imagery
  • Blood and violence
  • Body horror and monsters
  • Body dysphoria
  • High contrast colors
  • Shaking and flashing screen
  • Depiction of familial abuse


Art, Writing, Sound Effects, and Programming by SummerOrigins.
Editing: haunthill

Fonts :


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAtmospheric, body-horror, Horror, Multiple Endings, Psychological Horror
Average sessionAbout an hour


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i played this game and then took a nap and then had a dream about it 10/10


it is soooooo good. ty for this game! very cathartic

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you found it cathartic ^^


It's all about revenge bestie, perish, hehe.


average hamburger helper nonbeliever


guess whos back ladies bros and nonbinary hoesmasie in the house with elsbian she ,,lik grils

Maisie in the house!!!!!!

Thank you!! I love how you drew her! the little bit of red under the eye is soooo good, and am a little bit obsessed w muppet maisie 👌 (and heck yea, let her have the flag!)


literally crying, love this game. know its based on Kafka, but for me it’s a lil metaphor for being transgender. like an exact parallel to my experience as a trans woman (well, except for the body horror haha). anyways drew you some fanart + might draw more l8r!!!


Thank you so much for playing, and hugs if you need it!

That aside, oh my gosh! Thank you so much for drawing them! They look absolutely adorable, the little creachers they are 💕 Thank you so much for taking the time to draw and comment!!  Seeing it brought me lots of joy, thank you! (the "not plugged, no ears, his ass is not listening" part got me giggling irl! xD)


no problem!!!! saw a playthru of the game on youtube and i fell in love. 

you worked so hard on this, needs more recognition!!!!!! new hyperfixation unlocked teehee


Thank you!! Im really glad you feel that way! I hope you enjoy their company ^^

(1 edit) (+2)

muhahaha i see i am not the only one to be hyperfixated on these fellas! (note i still have no idea what to do with this guy CFVGYFTYUUJG i am dead but i will keep on and on drawing them until they are perfect for me >:3

edit:i know i keep coming back here i'mso sorry if it's weird (again hyperfixation)


(Copied from my Spooktober rating page review to help this game within itch.io's algorithm!)

Maisie... I got ending 5 in the game, and gosh, Maisie and the MC's relationship is genuinely very sweet. I love seeing strong sibling relationships in fiction, and this one's no different.

I was heartbroken when I saw how the MC's parents (especially his mother, good lord) treated him post-transformation, but there's still that little thread of hope that the MC can come back home - or that the MC can survive on his own (since he has all of his legal documents with him).

The art style for this game is lovely too: I'm always a sucker for limited palettes in games, and this one's no different - with its bold shading and red highlighting important character details (like the photo frame in the Master Bedroom). The way you draw hands is gorgeous too.

Great stuff all around - thanks so much for making this!


Thank you so much for playing! I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it, and thamks for commenting both here and the review! I really appreciate it ^^


This was awesome! I got three endings on my own, but needed help to find the other two. Thank you for the walkthrough, it saved me lol.

I really enjoyed this game, I actually love body horror and narratives of change and changing. I loved the like - references to changing as a human, beyond the supernatural change into Something Else. The way it's a supernatural narrative of something so realistic and close to home - and, tbh, a lot of stuff that is... very relatable.

Parents really struggle when kids grow up, huh?


The only thing I wish is that we could have killed our parents but still spared Maisie - she was decent, y'know? That's the only flaw with the game, not having variants on ending 3 :P

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

tbh I wanted to have a variation on ending 3 like you mentioned, but I decided to cut it out because I was getting worried about time (took like 20 days just to write everything that's currently in the game, so i was getting worried about the art and all ^^;) I may add it in a future update though!

I loved your game, it was a lot of fun discovering each of the endings, especially working out how our relationship with the family affected each path.

You did a great job on this Spooktober game! 


Thank you so much for playing, as well as for taking the time to record and comment, I really enjoyed watching through it ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed it!


omg this was actually so sad , i felt that personally omfg i wanna hug the main character nowww ;0;


thank you so much for giving it a try! and yeah, the mc deserves all the hugs in the world 🥺


The fifth ending really resonated with me since I related very much with the main character. Great story!


Thank you so much for playing! I enjoyed watching through it. Thank you for recording you experience with the game, and hugs if you need it.


No Linux version? I'm not sure but I *might* be able to run it on a virtual Linux machine, so wondering :)


I believe the "pc" versions can be used for both windows and linux (at least according to renpy), but if that doesnt work i can publish a linux only version ^^


Oh ok! Will give it a try then, thanks!


Confirmed, "PC" does have the Linux bits and I was able to run it, yay! I did play the itch web version first as well.

I got 3 endings so far, including 5 and... urr... was it 4? the one that's close to 5 but not as optimistic. I'll have to check the endings guide and the post-mortem later. Feeling a bit emotional right now XD

I'm glad to hear that the "PC" version works on Linux! Thank you so much for confirming ^^

Thank you so much for taking the time to try, and hugs if you need it 🫂


Man... I just... man.

( 🫂hugs if you need it)

Thank you for giving it a try anyway ^^

Nah I just find it an amazing story. Well done, truly.

Thank you! I'm very glad you feel that way about it ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

When I read Kafka I immediately started thinking about different ways it could have gone, and was furious how they didn't even try to communicate with the protag once he transformed. Not even a yes-or-no question. Its nice to see that at least the sister wasn't that braindead, and was willing to call out the parents on their bull.

I managed to get all the endings after looking through the walkthrough. Loving the various small changes depending on what you do beforehand.

I like how Maisie becomes a silhouette once she stops trusting us.
I'm assuming Maisie never actually asked us for help with homework, and therefore assumed we were trying to impersonate her bro?
Also, what happens in the second ending, exactly? The first one, we fail to come out of the cocoon and die. The third one, we kill our parents. The fourth one we run away, and the fifth we run away but with actual prep. 

But what happens in the second one? 

Thank you so much for playing, as well as for taking the time to comment ^^

I thought of the same exact thing while reading Metamorphosis. That ended up being my entire motivation to make this game ahahah ^^


Other than that, you're basically right about everything you mentioned! Regarding the homework specifically, it is mentioned that Maisie is a straight-A kid, and some parts of the game implies that the main character might not be that close to her and doesn't know her all that well. She was indeed testing him, you are correct about that ^^

The second ending is the one you get if the MC completes pupation, but still wishes to return to his old self (the pupa) but of course, a change like that is impossible to undo, so the cycle simply starts all over again.


AUGH this was an experience it just. really . really hurt yknow? like how the parents treated their son and everything it just. stung a lot. the writing is really good and. god. the music. maisie. everything. it just

hurts. in a good way. i really love this.

Thank you so much for playing, and I'm glad to hear that you loved it despite it hurting. I hope this provided you an avenue to explore these things from a safe space. 

(and hugs if you need it 🫂)


SHAKES FALLS OVER AND DIES THANK YOU !!! couldn't go to try for another ending because the parents words are PAINFUL but that just means you wrote them like REALLY WELL


That's understandable, I honestly felt myself grimace reading those parts while playing and testing this myself hahahaha 😆


the horrors of sharp mouthed parents...


i went through a couple of routes and MY GODDDD, there were parts that gutted me. i'm sure this story is one that hits close to home for many. man, it was tough trying to stomach through all the dehumanizing comments. the opening scene is sooo deliciously body horror i wish it lasted a little longer. i also adore this art style and it was incredible seeing how it plays out in the scenes where you try to make sense of your own face. overall, super cool game!!! thank you for breaking my heart!!!


Thank you for playing it. This game literally wouldn't have been possible if you didn't give me the push I needed to make it, so I'm very happy to hear that you enjoyed it ^^

(1 edit) (+1)

made me actually cry man. id say more but itd make this comment a fairly long one and idk how much i have the time to type rn

Thank you so much for giving it a try, as well as taking the time to comment! 

I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts if you're willing to share, but of course, no pressure! I'm happy enough to hear that you decided to play through it ^^

Once again, thanks for playing!

this is a game i really really wanna play, but i'm noticing a content warning of insect imagery..now that i can cope with, but i get serious panic attacks if i even see an image of a cockroach (even just typing the word feels super uncomfortable) so iiii am too scared to play in case something like that happens :3

Heya! a lot of the insect depictions comes down to describing the main character as being chitinous, or leaving his pupa (the mc which you only see depicted as abstract scribbles or hands in 1st person POV) as well as small illustrations in each of the endings. there is a single mention of roaches if you look decide to look into the mirror, but it can be skipped entirely if you wish. The only roach imagery in the entire game is in the ending card in ending 3. I highly suggest you avoid that ending for that reason. Please don't feel pressured to play if it makes you uncomfy (the warnings are there for a reason after all ^^), but I hope this detailed explanation might help you decide!

i hope this helps! ^^

(3 edits) (+1)

thiis..was a great time! i even played through the ending you warned me about..but i held my hand in front of the screen so i can only see the text when going for it
other than that..i really liked it! as someone who's nonbinary and does very often experience dysphoria, i'm happy my parents didn't have such a bad reaction when i came but i still know how it feels from how others have been to me (plus my stepdad is conservative so. woo)

looking at it outside of the metaphor, i still find this concept really really cool!!

maisie is so wonderful she has the swag and the heart of a true swagster

dad at least means well even if his heart isn't in the right place so i'll give him a pass

mom. i'm not giving her the honor of words

this is totally stuff i'd wanna see more of..i dunno where it'd go, but still! and god i would KILL to see more of whatever in tarnation you wake up as because if the (half) face and the hands are anything to go by it would sure kick some real ass

edit: my forensics teacher would love this game, when we were in our entomology unit he tried so hard to show that yes, bugs have chitin exoskeletons, tried so hard that it felt like he was trying to prove to us that he knew rather than just teaching us entomology lmao

Thank you so much for giving it a try, and I'm glad to hear you had a great time with it, and I really appreciate the time you took to write it ^^

Honestly, feel free to come up with your own ideas and designs for the mc, I prefer to leave em as vague scribbles so folks can do as they like with it ^^ (Also your i didn't know forensics had an entomology unit, that's so interesting! don't mind me getting off-track here, though. I do hope your forensics teachers enjoys it if they decide to give it a try!)


of course!! this is something i simply couldn't pass up on..

i might just well do that! i understand you left it vague so people of all sorts experiencing this issue can just make the mc their own and relate to it more, and what i had in mind for em, well heck i'd wake up any day as that! and yes my forensics teacher would have a heart attack when he sees the word "chitinous" and "pupa" 

sorry if i ramble a lot i get very hyper around these sorta things..totally awesome mc design even if it is vague...

(1 edit)

No worries! Im really happy that you like the design, and I'm more than happy to read all your thoughts on the game, your excitement surrounding it is a an absolute joy to read, so please don't apologize! ^^ 

Thank you so much for taking the time to write comments!


boy oh boy do i love myself some body horror stories where the body horror is just a metaphor for being trans

trans rihgts


the two have always been closely intertwined after all


This was an experience, thank you again~
(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you so much for recording and sharing your experience, I really appreciate it ^^ 

(and just a fun fact about the dragonfly, it's a niche reference to a song with the same title (Akatonbo) which is very much about clinging to the past)


A very enjoyable if certainly unsettling story (but of course, to be expected!). The artstyle is very nice/unique and brought to mind a fairytale or children's book with a sudden, or gradually building, dark twist. Even then, despite the contrast, I felt they complimented one another very well.

The story was certainly one that struck me personally, so kudos to you for writing such a believable and thought-out game! It was a lot of fun uncovering the endings and seeing how the story could end because of it. It was very interesting to see Kafka's work with a more modern spin. Well done!

(And, minor point, but I adore how you draw hands oh my goodness <3)


Thank you for playing it! I'm glad you enjoyed(?) it (not quite sure enjoy is the right word for it, though). I wondered for a bit if the style is a little simple, but I'm relieved to hear that you feel it fits well!

(And I'm glad you like the hands!! I learnt a lot about drawing hands because of this game haha ^^)


Thank you for writing this game. I can see you put a lot of time and thought in it. I felt myself strongly identifying with the main character, and it was a little close to home. But that is what good art does, it lets you go the places you don't won't to go, and come back with both insight and some hope for resilience. I love that you own the Kafka influence, the art direction, and the solid writing. Bravo.

Thank you so much for playing it as well. 

It is definitely a topic that's close to my heart, and to be honest i dreaded putting this out here but I'm truly glad I did, as I am glad to hear that you could relate to it ^^



Thanks for giving it a try! ^^


Cannot get the third ending for the life of me help lol

Heya! I'm still in the process of writing out a full guide at the moment, but I can give you small hints for now:

For the third ending, you need to pick out choices that makes the main character as hateful as possible. Some of the more complicated parts include: trying to help someone while they're still uncomfortable/ scared. Saying the wrong thing to someone who's already suspicious of the MC, and Eavesdropping things the main character doesn't want to hear.
I'll try to get out the full guide soon, in case this still doesn't help >_<"


The colors, the abstract art style, the writing, amazing, conveyed the fear and anxiety in this story oh so well - shout-out to the shadows on the family being used so effectively-

But oh gosh this game destroyed me emotionally, Ending 5 my heart augh-

It's very much a game about waking up as a monster, but certain bits of dialogue, the way the parents react, I feel like it tells an unfortunately relatable story across the board really well... 


Thank you for playing! 

Indeed, it is about waking up as a monster, as it is about other things. I feel it is an almost universal feeling to be made feel like one isn't quite human or less than human, but I also believe just having even just one other person be on your side could make one hell of a difference ^^

I'm glad you enjoyed it! (not sure if that's the right word, but I'll use it anyway)


I really enjoyed combing through this story and getting as many endings as I could! The art style is simple but striking and I honestly found the MC very much relatable (despite my not literally having woken up as a monster yet lol)

Thank you so much for playing! I hope I didnt make it too hard to get all the endings ^^ 

Im glad to hear that you found the mc relatable as well! (and i hope none of us wake up as monsters..... unless? hahaha)


This was freaking awesome, I loved it a lot!! The MC and their sister, Macie, were especially great. I loved their relationship. The art was very unique and captivating. I love how you never really see the MC's face but neither do you see the parents' faces, but you DO see the sister. As if the MC viewed the parents as monsters. I also love that the story can also have a lot of interpretations just like Kafka's Metamorphosis!


Thank you so much for playing! (i know I've said this multiple times but really! x3)

I was inspired to do the entire thing without showing the mc's face because of a letter Kafka wrote to his publisher, asking them not to depict the mc as anything in particular, which i agreed with. It wasn't important what kinda monster he is, but it was important that he wasnt quite human. The same goes for the parents as well, in this case, and I'm glad that got communicated :3c

once again, thank you for playing (and commenting!) I really appreciate it! ^^