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Un petit jeu tout doux, tout frais, qui mérite d'être joué et rejoué... Merci !


Finished the whole thing but this is just part one 10/10 awesome job!!! 

Thank you so much for playing it!! <3


Finally played the game! Wanted to play since it was released but due to unforeseen circumstances (Nah I saw them coming, just couldn't do anything) couldn't play at the time ^^" I got reminded of it and here we are!

Like always, I love the art! Characters look good and it sets up the atmosphere nicely. Story is very nice and touching as well! And to some extent relatable. Traveler's route is my favorite ^_^

It has a couple of bugs (One ending has no title, Image 'human_nervouslaugh' not found.) and needs a bit of editing, but those aren't something to make the game less enjoyable ^_^

Overall It's great and I like it! I can see the improvements since Through the Cracks ^^ Looking forward to your future works!

Oh that is so valid, honestly. Sometimes life just gets in the way and that's okay!!

Thank you for sparing some time to give it a spin nevertheless, La Volpe! I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the bugs scattered here and there ^^; (And thanks for reporting them! I'll get them fixed when I can!)

No worries! I should thank you for making the game! ^^ Also have a good day/month <3


I enjoyed playing through this. I love the artwork. I love the soft, muted colour choice, and the lineart of the characters. Brilliant work. <3


Thank you so much for giving it a try, and an even bigger thank you for hosting the game jam! 

I look forward to participating in more of them :)


Oh nice, exploring the trouble of whether to let go of the things that reminds you of a sweet old life or not. Whether to rebuild it or just go away, or stay and lives in it hoping for the winter to ends. 

Also I'm sorry I put a lot of amongus jokes there and anti-capitalism message.


Thanks a lot for playing, and no worries!

amongus jokes and anti-capitalism? all the better, ngl. 

Hope you enjoyed it!


This was quite sweet! I enjoyed seeing the characters parse through their thoughts and the point and click game was a nice touch. Thanks for making this. :)

Thank you for playing as well! And very glad to hear that you enjoyed it!! :)


I love the fact that it talks about leaving things behind. It really hits me


Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you found it relatable.

Whatever it is you needed to leave behind, I hope you heal from it 


I liked the story (will play more on my own, the video shows just one route). The art is really nice to look at and the music felt fitting.

Very nice work!

Thank you for giving it a try! I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it as well!

I hope you have a pleasant day (and year) ahead!


This story was nice, I hope the main character and traveler both find a place to call home.


Thank you so much for playing, even during new years! I'm very glad to hear that you enjoyed it <3

I hope so too, as well.

You're welcome, playing games like this are one of many ways for me to bring in a great new years.

Happy New Years :)

Fair enough, playing games during new year was how I spent mine as well, haha.

Anyway, I hope you have a pleasant year ahead! Happy new year!


I really like the background art! The fire looks so cozy <3 I like how the story reveals itself bit by bit, sometimes raising more questions than giving answers.

Thank you so much for giving it a try and even more happy to hear that you enjoyed the art and story! And yes, some things were intentionally left vague ;)

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful new year ahead of you.

Once again, thanks for playing! <3