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I loooooove the art!!! 

And is kinda sad how Lady Violetta apologize like so- Idk- But it's kinda sad :") 

Love it!! 

I'm glad you like the art!! 

And yeah, it is a kinda sad game, isn't it? but I'm glad you enjoyed it <3


What are you trying to honour?

Eyyo! Thanks for covering the game terry! Hope you enjoyed(?) it ^^

Did you not watch it <>_<>



Wow that was sad, like, I expected it to be sad given the description but I suppose the way you wrote the dialogue with how happy Lady Violetta is before she quickly devolves to apologies and tears to her maid-of-honor. The spinning animation though put me off track, I was thinking "is she cycling through her emotions quickly??" though I couldn't be so sure.

I like how realistic the dialogue is, that Lady Violetta was unable to be strong enough to abandon everything she's gotten so familiar with to be with her maid of honor because it truly is difficult to let go of a life you've already have roots growing in. Amazing job with beautiful art though the fact that the textbox is slightly hard to navigate and the ending of the visual novel is kinda not explicitly stated does make things difficlut, regardless, job well done!


Thank you so much for giving it a try! This was my first time making something like this from scratch, so I appreciate the feedback ^^ I'll make sure it is easier to navigate next time, and mark the ending better. Thank you for the feedback 🙏


No problem! It's really amazing that you did everything from scratch and honestly, that deserves a lot of praise! You did amazing!


tragic sapphics = girl dinner
all jokes aside me and my friend loved the dialogue in this ^^ it's very realistic and hard hitting, although i kinda got jumpscared by the spinning, but it's a fantastic way to transition the sprite changes!!

i am very glad that you and your friend enjoyed it! honestly, the spinning jumpscared me a few times while i was testing it myself haha ^^

Honestly, I wanted more even if it mean my heart would break more.

Thank you so much for giving it a spin! There's a word limit this time, so I couldn't make it longer but I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless!


whelp, i'm now sad >.< what a beautiful game! i love the whole direction the game took from the storytelling to the art. i'll be now imagining happy alternative endings for Violetta and the maid lol 

perhaps in another time they can be happy together 🥹

thank you for playing!

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Ow this hurts my heart so much. I feel sad NOOOOOOOO!!! TWT

thank you for giving it a spin, and sorry not sorry for the sads haha ^^



*depression intensifies*

ikr i was so sad too TWT

thank you for playing ^^

i hope you enjoyed it (is 'enjoy' the right word? 😅)


This was such an emotional journey for such a short game, what attracted me first was the absolutely gorgeous artwork! OH! This was a joy to play!


thank you so much for giving it a try! Im glad you feel that way about the art as well! they were very fun to make ^^


Wow, this was so good! The spinning of Lady Violetta, the melancholy, gentle music backtrack, and the heartbreaking parting at the end... this was really enjoyable, but also very saddening, ahh

Thank you for giving it a try! Sorry not sorry for breaking a few hearts, though ^^


Heartbreaking,,  the small crying really drew me in. The background, while simple, makes everything feel so intimate, like we're onlookers to what was supposed to be this secret tragedy. I loved this entry!

thank you so much for giving it a try! I'm glad you ejoyed it!


oooo love the little spin animation you did to show the character's internal conflict! the colours, the art, the music. everything turns out super lovely and pretty. the line "a married daughter is like spilled water" felt like a punch in the gut. ;_;

thanks for giving it a try, Anja! 


Really lovely art, I love the framing in the mirror and the way you spin the character to show whats underneath the mask. Very inventive!

Thank you for giving it a try!